At Bayer, we take our responsibility to bee health very seriously. We are committed to environmental stewardship and sustainable agricultural practices, including the protection of beneficial insects such as honey bees.

We are working with the agricultural communities worldwide to ensure that our products, which are essential to protect plants from pests and diseases, are used in a bee-responsible manner.

As a research-based company, we move forward by incorporating the lessons learned from product field monitoring into improved technologies. This is a critical part of our broader approach to promoting a responsible and sustainable use of our products.

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Bayer’s commitment to environmental stewardship and bee health extends beyond agriculture into our consumer lawn and garden, professional pest management and professional turf and ornamental businesses.

Looking ahead, Bayer will continue to practice sound product development and stewardship that recognizes and respects the important role of bees in our backyards, our communities, in our crop fields and on our planet.

Additional Information:

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