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Joining Forces to Find Solutions

Bayer and Project Apis m. spearhead urgent US bee research

Bayer joins forces with Project Apis m, a leading non-profit research organization, to oversee research projects for an optimized beehive management.

‘Zombie’ bees

The Buzzing Dead

Viruses, fungi, mites …. you’d think that bees had enough on their plates. But now there is a new villain on the scene.

The new issue of BEENOW magazine is available

The focus is on South America’s pollinators

From the metabolism of honey bees to wine plantations in Chile: The new edition of BEENOW offers exciting research on pollinators and agriculture.

New Threat to Wild Pollinators

Bee Diseases by Parcel Post

Commercial pollinators travel the world, meet local wild bees, and infect them with alien parasites and diseases. Help our wild bees to bounce back!

The Smart Male Bumblebees

Their brain copes with more than just reproduction

Male bumble bees have a reputation for being dim-witted. Nevertheless, their learning capacity is just as strong as that of female worker bees.

Six-legged Threat for Bees

Invasive ants from South America transfer deadly viruses

Argentinian ants have spread to many parts of the world. Scientists have now discovered that these ants transfer deadly viruses to honey bees.

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