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Fossilized bees reveal their secrets

Greedy Snackers or Choosy Collectors?

Were ancient bees discerning connoisseurs or fast-food lovers, taking indiscriminately what they could find. Well, it all depends…

Double Power: Wild Bees Aid Honey Bees

Almond pollination improves with biodiversity

The pollination of California almond blossoms can benefit tremendously from wild pollinators in addition to honey bees.

Is hygiene the answer to healthy hives?

Researchers study if breeding can help minimize chalkbrood.

Chalkbrood, a honey bee larvae fungal disease, shows increasing prevalence in Australia.

Discussing the Topic of Pollination

IPBES report sparks a panel discussion in Berlin

Panel discussion in Berlin: Which key functions do pollinators have in our environment and how important are they for our food production?

Feed a Bee Debuts New Anthem and Initiatives for 2016

Program encourages everyone to tweet a 🐝 emoji and #FeedABee

Bayer’s US initiative “Feed a Bee” has launched with a new song and video to encourage the public to plant flowers as nutrition for pollinators.

Where Bees can find Nectar

Nature publishes results of a large-scale nectar study in the UK

A British study in “Nature” analyzes the correlation between pollinator biodiversity and food resources. The researchers focus on floral nectar.

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