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Bee experts gather for EurBee Congress in Romania

Catching up on current trends in bee research

From 7-9 September, bee scientists from over 50 countries met in Romania to discuss latest bee science during the 7th EurBee Congress of Apidology.

Protecting Bees For A Sustainable Future

Bayer Bee Care Program presented at Bayer media event

Bayer Bee Care presented its activities to 80 journalists, emphasizing that sustainable agriculture needs crop protection and healthy pollinators

Platform for bee protection in the UK

BeeConnected: A Network for Beekeepers and Farmers

Via the BeeConnected platform, British farmers can increase bee safety by informing beekeepers about their planned crop protection application.

An ever-present menace for honey bee health

Varroa transmits deadly viruses to honey bees

Studies confirm once again that the Varroa mite is a major threat for honey bee health and a vector of the deadly Deformed Wing Virus (DWV).

Preventing winter bee losses

Beekeepers advised to begin their winter preparations now

Specific weather conditions in 2016 could pose a challenge to colony health in Central Europe

Urban Bees Reject Junk Food

US researchers analyze which sugar sources are chosen by city honey bees

No interest in junk food: The diet of urban honey bees is the subject of a study by researchers at North Carolina State University.

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