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IPBES Assessment: guide for policy decisions

All you ever wanted to know about pollinators, pollination and food production.

IPBES assessment report on pollinators, pollination and food production, bringing together the current state of knowledge on this topic, is published.

The Truth About Bees

Experts meet in Madrid to discuss bee health

Experts discussed potential effects of pesticides and stressors to pollinators at the Bee Health Forum in Spain.

Good News For Brazilian Bee Conservation

Bayer and UFC sign agreement on pollinator manual project

The project aims at the conservation of bees and, thus, improving agricultural production by identifying the pollinators that pollinate each type of crop in Brazil.

Under the Spanish Sun

A study into the safety of neonicotinoids is being carried out in Spain

Bayer and industry partners are supporting bee researchers who are carrying out tests in Spanish sunflower fields to determine if these crop protection products have any impact on honey bee colony health.

Forage Tour to Plant 50 Million Seeds

Bayer Feed a Bee and The Wildlife Society Kick Off New Cooperation in the USA

Bayer Feed a Bee and The Wildlife Society (TWS) have embarked on a six-week tour to establish additional pollinator forage at four locations across the USA. The plantings are aimed to educate communities and establish more forage for spring 2017.

ICE 2016: Entomology Without Borders

New tools, approaches and investigators have led to astonishing progress

In September 2016, the XXV International Congress of Entomology (ICE) in Florida included topics regarding bees and other pollinating insects.

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