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Bayer honors bee supporters in US National Pollinator Week

Blue Ribbon Beekeepers and Feed a Bee grantees

To celebrate US National Pollinator Week Bayer is honoring those who are working hard to support bees and other pollinators around the country.

School kids plant bee food

Bayer Bee Care Center makes it fun to learn about pollinators

As part of a teaching module on pollinators & agriculture, Bayer has supported German schools to plant flowers this spring, to help feed bees.

Just where does our food come from?

Employees at Bayer enjoy a taste of biodiversity

Bayer promoted International Day of Biological Diversity last week, with lunchtime events to talk about the need to preserve global food diversity.


World Bee Day and International Biodiversity Day focus world attention on topics that matter to us.

Check out some of Bayer’s projects to promote bees and other insect pollinators – not only in this special week but all year round!

When two hearts beat as one

Volkmar Krieg shares his passion for agriculture and honey bees

With World Bee Day this month, meet a dedicated beekeeper and Bayer field trials manager whose two passions are never at odds with each other.

The US Native Bee Challenge

National 4-H Council and Bayer collaboration supports youth activities around native bees

With this year’s Native Bee Challenge, youngsters are getting hands-on to learn about native bees, pollination and its connection to our food supply.

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