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Feed a Bee: Planting more than 2 billion flowers for bees

Over 115 partners help to increase forage and habitat for pollinators in the USA

Learn more about the multiple Feed a Bee activities initiated in the USA throughout 2016, aimed at jointly promoting bee health.

Honey Bee Viruses a health risk to Wild Bees?

Recent study by Dolezal et al. (2016) addresses this question.

Study looks into the presence of honey bee viruses in a variety of wild bees, and how these may infect and affect them.

Bee Barometer Project Gets Recognition

Winners of the 2016 North America Bee Care Community Leadership Award are announced

Pair wins 2016 NA Bee Care Community Leadership Award for partnership to promote healthy ecosystems for pollinators on Chigagoland golf courses.

Good for bees: Good for farmers

New spray technology: Less exposure of bees, yet still effective!

Dropleg workshop at Julius Kühn Institute gave opportunity to present data showing new application technology reduces exposure for honey bees.

IPBES Assessment: guide for policy decisions

All you ever wanted to know about pollinators, pollination and food production.

IPBES assessment report on pollinators, pollination and food production, bringing together the current state of knowledge on this topic, is published.

The Truth About Bees

Experts meet in Madrid to discuss bee health

Experts discussed potential effects of pesticides and stressors to pollinators at the Bee Health Forum in Spain.

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