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$500,000 USD pollinator forage initiative launched

Bayer Feed a Bee program aims to support projects in all US states by 2018

Bayer’s Feed a Bee initiative in the USA aims to create further forage areas for pollinators by engaging with new Feed A Bee partners across the nation

Pollinators in the spotlight at Fruit Logistica

Berlin event saw launch of Feed A Bee initiative for Europe

Discussing why “Pollinators Matter” and promoting how the public can support the planting of more pollinator foraging habitat.

Good News for Honey Bee Health in Europe and Canada!

Regulatory Authorities give green light for Bayer Varroa control products

Bayer continues its commitment to bee health with two new country registrations in Canada and Hungary for miticidal products.

Cheers to a Healthy 2017 with the Healthy Colony Checklist!

New tool makes colony assessments easier

Regular monitoring of beehives is essential to ensuring honey bee colony health, as this can change dramatically over a short period of time due to the Varroa mite, or other pests and pathogens like Nosema and the small hive beetle.

Bee research on an unprecedented scale

A glimpse behind the scenes of the Mecklenburg-Vorpommern study.

Results now published from one of the largest oilseed rape field studies on the impacts of the neonicotinoid, clothianidin, on bees in Europe.

Feed a Bee: Planting more than 2 billion flowers for bees

Over 115 partners help to increase forage and habitat for pollinators in the USA

Learn more about the multiple Feed a Bee activities initiated in the USA throughout 2016, aimed at jointly promoting bee health.

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