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Global Bayer Bee Care Center’s Anniversary

Five-year commitment to pollinator health

The Bayer Bee Care Center was abuzz last week and it wasn’t just due to the bees on display! What was behind all the interest and extra activity?

CEH Bee Study Shows No Conclusive Results

Selective use of data makes sensational headlines, but has little substance

Though headlines suggest otherwise, a large-scale field study by CEH principally shows that seeds treated with clothianidin don’t pose a risk to bees.

Learning by seeing

Visit by Vereinigung der Bestäubungsimker in Deutschland e.V.

Recently, the German Association of Pollination Beekeepers visited the Bayer Bee Care Center as part of their training and continuing education program.

Celebrating US Pollinator Week with flowers

Good nutrition is key for healthy bees

In the spirit of true US Pollinator Week celebration, Bayer has announced the first round of organizations that will receive funding to establish forage for pollinators across the nation, covering no less than 58 organisations in more than 30 US states.

Bayer Bee Care Program Signs Up For Kenyan Pollination Project

Supporting Smallholder Farmers to Better Manage Pollination Services

With the National Museums of Kenya and other partners, Bayer is supporting vegetable farmers to improve crop pollination and, thus, food security.

Better News for US Honey Bees

Overwintering Honey Bee Colony Losses Reduced This Year

The initial report of honey bee colony losses provides some relief this year for US beekeepers, working to improve the health of their colonies.

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