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Pollination services – tailor-made and fit for purpose

Studies investigate if stingless bees make good crop pollinators in Kenya.

Could stingless bees provide more efficient pollination services than honey bees, improving productivity of macadamia and some vegetable crops in regions of Kenya?

The latest in bee testing and pesticide risk assessment

Science first at ICPPR conference 2017 in Spain

Open exchanges and good science at the ICPPR Bee Protection Group’s international symposium ‘Hazards of Pesticides to Bees’ in Valencia, Spain.

Avocado: better understanding crop-pollinator dynamics

Collaboration with Fraunhofer Chile Research Foundation looks at crop productivity and pollination services

A new project looks at whether landscape structure and crop conditions affect pollination services and, thus, avocado productivity in Chile.

Bee Care supports education for schools

Teaching materials on “Pollinator Diversity and Agriculture” for secondary schools now available for download

Interested in educational materials on the topics of pollinators, bee health and modern agriculture for biology, geography and political education?

Flower Power at Sao Paulo’s Catavento Museum

Bayer supports a Pollinator Garden

This week, Catavento Museum – the Museum of Science and Technology in Sao Paulo – opened a pollinator garden with the support of Bayer.

A bit of rain doesn’t stop passionate bee researchers

Safe-use dispenser project discussions at Höfchen

Developing an effective, safe dispenser, allowing reliable and convenient application of formic acid vapor for Varroa mite control in beehives?

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