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The pursuit of key bee enzymes

Research findings aid development of new bee-friendly insecticides.

A joint study, now published in Current Biology, has discovered bee enzymes that determine their sensitivity to different neonicotinoid insecticides.

Feed A Bee funds 20 new projects across USA

Bayer’s forage initiative expands to cover 39 states

With more than 100 projects in 39 states and Washington D.C., the Feed A Bee 50-state forage program is well underway, less than a year since its launch.

Bayer disagrees on EFSA conclusions on neonicotinoid risks

Bayer fundamentally disagrees with EFSA’s updated risk assessment conclusions for the active substances imidacloprid and clothianidin.

Coffee – does it get a buzz from bees?

New research project looks at influence of insect pollination

We get a coffee buzz but can coffee get a bee buzz? A collaboration with CENICAFE in Colombia will look for benefits to coffee production and quality.

Bees support smallholder farmers

Bee Care showcases Indian project at Fruit Logistica

As Bayer signs two agreements at the event to support smallholder farmers around the world, Bee Care presents how bees support smallholders in India.

Dutch sign strategy to improve pollinator health

Voluntary initiatives pave the way

On the 22nd of January the Dutch presented their national strategy to improve pollinator health in the country, with commitments from 43 partners.

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