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Protecting Pollinators - Honey Bee Stressors (Part 2)

Many experts agree that poor bee health is very complicated and cannot be attributed to one single cause, making it difficult to solve.

Protecting Pollinators - Understanding Colony Loss (Part 1)

The series details different bee health topics, providing interesting facts and interviews with bee health experts. This first article in a five-part series published in SeedWorld magazine examines the health and welfare of the honey bee, particularly in relation to ove...

Five questions to Dr. Julian Little, Bayer Bee Care spokesperson

In a candid interview, Dr. Julian Little, Bayer Bee Care spokesperson, looks at some of the questions often being asked about bee health and the issues being raised.

Bayer sites create flowerscapes to promote bee health

In a European-wide initiative to promote the planting of flowering strips for pollinators, many Bayer Group sites are helping to enhance the nutritional status of bees and other beneficial insects by planting lush flower fields on their campuses. This initiative is part...

Apimondia 2013: Focus on Bee Health & Honey

Bayer demonstrates its commitment to beekeepers worldwide

“Discover the European Honeyland” was the motto of this year’s Apimondia in Ukraine and 8000 visitors and 100 exhibitors from all over the world took up the invitation. The members from the Bayer Bee Care and Bayer Animal Health teams attending the congress & exhibitio...

Bees, Politicians and Neonicotinoids

Forbes Magazine publishes a well-researched article on the bee health issue "Science and politics don't mix well," says Forbes author Jon Entine, reviewing both the European political debate on neonicotinoids and the scientific evidence on bee health.

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