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Bees, Politicians and Neonicotinoids

Forbes Magazine publishes a well-researched article on the bee health issue "Science and politics don't mix well," says Forbes author Jon Entine, reviewing both the European political debate on neonicotinoids and the scientific evidence on bee health.

Growers Positive about New Corn Planter Lubricant Technology from Baye...

New seed application technology to further reduce potential dust exposure to honey bees As part of its commitment to sustainable agriculture, Bayer CropScience Canada announced very favorable field trial results of its new seed application technology

Progress in seed application technology better protects pollinators

As part of our ongoing activities regarding environmental stewardship and sustainable agricultural practices...

Pollinator patch supports bee health

In partnership with Kansas City Parks and Recreation and Bridging the Gap, Bayer CropScience has planted some 100 native plants of 30 species to help rebuild local bee populations.

Bayer CropScience presents at International Pollinator Conference in...

This week, bee health experts from Bayer CropScience will join many of the world’s leading pollinator health scientists at the 2nd International Conference on Pollinator Biology, Health and Policy at Pennsylvania State University.

BBC Horizon Documentary: “What’s Killing Our Bees”

What has caused the demise in British bee colonies -“It is still too early to jump on an easy conclusion”. That is what the latest BBC Horizon special documentary suggests; looking from different angles at the complex issues affecting honey bees.

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