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Demographics of the European Apicultural Industry

Ever wondered how many beekeepers there are in Europe, what the production of honey is in different European countries is or how many beehives on average a beekeeper has? Now is your chance to find out as the EU Reference Laboratory on Bee Health has published the resu...

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Christmas is just around the corner. To get you into a festive mood, we have created a buzzing interactive advent calendar on our Bee Care Facebook site. Every day, from December 1st until Christmas Day, we will open a new window. Each window will include an interesting...

Bayer at US beekeeper meeting

One of the presenters at the fall meeting of the Illinois State Beekeepers' Association was Dick Rogers, Manager of the North American Bayer Bee Care Center. In his lecture, he focused on how to reconcile apiary and agricultural interests, achieving the best of both wor...

Advancing honey bee health R&D initiatives - Clayton Bee Care facilit...

At the facility, research and development will be carried out to study all aspects of honey bee health, including factors affecting proper crop pollination and the treatment and prevention of diseases in order to create healthier hives.

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Crop Protectants & Honey Bee Health (Part 3)

Protecting Pollinators

Part three of SeedWorld magazine’s Protecting Pollinators series takes a closer look into the debate around the proposed impact of neonicotinoid-based crop protection products on bee health and colony loss.

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