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Report compares bee colony mortality across Europe

Findings suggest it’s not such an issue as previously expected

Findings suggest it’s not such an issue as previously expected. Results from the first active epidemiological surveillance program on honeybee colony mortality (EPILOBEE) in Europe show marked differences in seasonal bee losses.

New Web Page on OECD Work Related to Bees & Pollinators now available

Providing an up-to-date central resource for authoritative information sources

The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) has set up a new website to offer a detailed overview on its work related to bees and pollinators. The platform highlights their current and planned activities related to the topic.

Lowest winter losses for bee colonies in Europe

Promising preliminary results of an international study

A ray of hope for honey bees shone through recently with the preliminary results from an international study indicating that losses across Europe were at their lowest since 2007.

A perfect partnership!

Working together for mutual benefit

In many areas of life, things often function well when we aim to work together, finding solutions that work for everyone involved. So it is in nature too where plants and insects work in harmony – as seen with the canola and bee industries.

Bees and soccer in New York

Bayer exhibition at famous historical city landmark: Grand Central Station

What do honey bees, soccer balls, and science experiments have in common? New Yorkers could find out during Bayer’s 3-day “Science For a Better Life” exhibition at Grand Central Station.

The dose makes the poison

In our little series about the newly published guide “Making sense of chemical stories” we discuss why a chemical cannot simply be classified as “dangerous” or “safe”.

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