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The dose makes the poison

In our little series about the newly published guide “Making sense of chemical stories” we discuss why a chemical cannot simply be classified as “dangerous” or “safe”.

Bayer US honors beekeeping Vietnam veteran for community leadership

Award-winning beekeeper, farmer and entrepreneur Herbert Everhart founded an innovative program for veterans and youth to learn about beekeeping.

Bayer Bee Care Tour: Grand Finale in Washington DC

After travelling right across the USA, the second Bayer Bee Care Tour concludes by participating in “National Pollinator Week”, an annual initiative by the US Secretary of Agriculture.

Making sense of chemical stories

Guide for the lifestyle sector and anybody with questions about chemical stories

In the lifestyle view of things chemicals are the baddies to be avoided and eliminated, says a new Guide to the world of chemicals. The goal of the publication is to explain the scientific view of things.

Encouraging news to everyone who cares about bee health

Possible connection to lower levels of Varroa mite infestations

The winter of 2013/14 brought some of the lowest levels of bee losses in eight years, says a US government study.

Let’s meet at Open Farm Sunday!

Bayer CropScience participates at College Farm, Duxford, on June 8

If you live in the UK, June 8 is a day to mark in your diary: Open Farm Sunday is a fantastic opportunity to meet the local farmers who grow your food and care for your countryside.

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