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Open door day a great success

Bee Care join in activities for German Chemical Industry event

On Saturday 20th September, many Bayer sites across Germany opened their doors to the public as part of the events organized by the German Chemical Industry.

Beekeepers & growers to cooperate via SmartPhone app

“DriftWatch” helps to protect bees by enabling farmers and beekeepers to stay in touch and work together to ensure any risk to bees is minimized during spraying of crop protection products.

Saskatchewan is the first Canadian province to launch “DriftWatch”, a communication tool to get beekeepers and growers working together.

In dialog with journalists

Putting bee issues in perspective

Some 50 international journalists took the opportunity to participate in our Bee Care workshop in the afternoon, following the Bayer CropScience Annual Press Conference on Wednesday 17th September.

Neonics & bees co-exist peacefully in New Zealand

Parliamentary “Briefing on the Health of Bees” published recently

A new Parliamentary Committee report says there is no evidence that neonics, if used correctly, are affecting bee health in New Zealand.

Pesticides are critical to providing a safe, reliable food supply

Brian R. Leahy, Director of the California Department of Pesticide Regulation voices his opinion

“Thoughtful dialog around pesticide policy often becomes difficult, logic dies, and rhetoric and dogma can dominate the conversation”, says California regulator.

CropLife Australia launches new stewardship initiative

Guidance for handling treated seed

Australia has the healthiest honey bee colonies in the world - and the plant science industry makes sure it stays that way.

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