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Brussels and its busy bees: the damage they caused

Summary of an opinion article by Matt Ridley in The Times

The restriction of neonicotinoid applications that was supposed to protect bees had done no such thing. All it does is damage farmers’ crops says a recent opinion piece.

Bayer Bee Care participates in 14th NAPPC Conference

Annual meeting was hosted by the US Department of Agriculture

The North American Pollinator Protection Campaign (NAPPC) conference 2014 brought together a wide range of stakeholders, interested in bee health. Input providers also included the Bayer Bee Care team.

The mysterious case of the vanishing bees in 2006/7 in the USA

Taking stock of explanations

In the fall and winter of 2006-07, beekeepers all across the USA recorded a mysterious mass disappearance of bees. This news item featured in a recent New York Times publication under its “Retro Report” series which looks at major news stories from the past and analyzes...

Australia fears advent of Varroa

Government reports on Varroa issue to a senate inquiry

Farmers would lose up to $410 million due to loss of crops and jobs if the bee-killing Varroa destructor mite reaches South Australia, says a recent government report.

Asian immigrant

Vespa velutina: a new threat for honey bees?

The Asian hornet Vespa velutina is spreading across Europe. But just how dangerous is it for domestic honey bees?

It's Varroa, not Neonics - says US Regulatory Center

Center for Regulatory Effectiveness compiles memorandum to help draw up a bee health action plan

Summarizing the findings of several national regulatory authorities, the US Center for Regulatory Effectiveness (CRE) says that Varroa mites are, by far, the great threat to bees around the world.

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