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Forbes journalist warns US farmers of imminent loss of important tools...

Forbes journalist warns US farmers of imminent loss of important tools

In an opinion piece, journalist Henry I. Miller issues a “wake-up call for US farmers”, drawing their attention to the EPA’s recent tell-tale reports on neonicotinoid seed treatments in soya.

Loss of favorite pollen sources a key factor for bee losses

Dutch researchers analyzed pollen collected before 1950

With their favorite host plants gone, many bee species in the Netherlands have declined in the past decades. This is the conclusion of a study at Wageningen University.

Bee health magazine "BEENOW" launched at Bayer’s Perspective on Innova...

Partnering is key to improve bee health

The “Bayer’s Perspective on Innovation 2014” international press forum held in Leverkusen, Germany, was the venue for the launch of the company’s first bee health magazine, “BEENOW”. The magazine presents Bayer’s efforts to unite partners from around the world, includin...

New Neonicotinoid Study shows “low risk to honeybees”

Study conducted by the Universities of Guelph and Dalhousie, Canada

A large-scale field experiment in southern Ontario, Canada shows that exposure to oilseed rape, grown from seed treated with the neonicotinoid clothianidin, poses low risk to honey bees.

Grower - beekeeper partnerships in South Tyrol, Italy

Bayer showcases win-win solutions in high-quality apple production at Interpoma

The Interpoma Fair in South Tyrol, Italy is a great opportunity for Bayer to show how stakeholders are working together to benefit pollinators.

EU ban on certain pesticides jeopardizes yields

Bee action could cost farmers some 2 billion Euros

Researchers from Scotland warn: ban on certain crop protection agents pushed for by the EU could cause yields to collapse by up to 50 percent.

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