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Bug infestation: Europe’s rapeseed harvest under threat

The EU restrictions on the use of neonicotinoids have left European farmers without effective plant protection alternatives, leading to widespread insect damage, says Bloomberg reporter Whitney McFerron.

Bee life at great heights

Wild bee research on Mount Kilimanjaro

A team of researchers from Würzburg, Germany, has investigated the diversity of wild bees on Mount Kilimanjaro. A surprising discovery awaited them at an altitude of 4450 meters.

Varroa impact: It’s going to be a difficult winter for the bees

Due to the weather conditions in Germany and neighboring countries, the Varroa mite has multiplied well in 2014 and is bound to cause problems for the bees this winter, say experts from the beekeeping, agricultural and industrial communities.

Parasite weakens bee colonies

International Green Week (IGW)

The mite’s name is characteristic: Varroa destructor. Bee experts provided information about the biggest threat to the Western honey bee at the fair in Berlin last week.

Bee scientist casts fresh doubt on EU decision on neonicotinoids

An overdose of chemicals in laboratory experiments resulted in the EU restrictions on neonicotinoids, says a new study.

How painful is a bee sting?

New study extends the “Schmidt Sting Pain Index”

Sting painfulness varies widely depending on body location, says US scientist Michael L. Smith in a recent study.

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