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Nicotine helps bees to fight parasites

Nectar from tobacco plant flowers reduces parasite infections in bumblebees

From scapegoat to therapy: Recent study throws a new light on the effects of nicotine on bees. The study results also open up a new perspective for nicotine-like chemicals such as neonicotinoids.

The Taming of the Bumblebee

Creating an ideal bumblebee home

Can bumblebees be managed like honey bees to give a stronger hand to the pollination mission? Scientists at the Plant & Food Research Institute in New Zealand are trying to find some of the answers.

Honey Bees are fighting back

European beekeepers succeed in breeding Varroa resistant honey bees

Arista Bee Research Foundation has achieved a milestone in the fight against Varroa mites: Beekeepers and researchers have bred honey bees that fight the pest themselves. Test colonies succeeded in reducing the number of mites – by detecting infested offspring.

Study asks – Do pollinators contribute to nutritional health?

A new study published in PLoS One looks at combined data on crop pollination requirements, food nutrient densities, and actual human diets to predict the effects of pollinator losses on the risk of nutrient deficiency.

Bee friends of tomorrow

Bee health - from the Ag Issues Forum to school classes

Bee health was one of the topics at the Ag Issues Forum 2015. And for the first time, the Bayer Bee Care Program also participated. Among other things, the bee experts explained the importance of honey bees to school kids.

Infectious Pollen

Plant virus can affect honey bees

Honey bees struggle with various challenges to their health – Chinese researchers have now discovered a new threat from the plant kingdom.

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