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The Honey Therapy

New study reveals medicinal talents of Dr. “Nurse Bee”

Nurse bees are charged with feeding the queen, the larvae and also other colony members. It now seems that they have yet another mission: Helping to keep their colony healthy - by feeding "medicinal honey" to other members of the hive.

Social Genes

Scientists study the social behavior of bees

An international team of scientists have decoded the genetic foundation for the social behavior of bees.

Positive Tendency for Bees

Honey bee colony losses in the USA are down again

The public discussion about this year’s winter losses of honey bee colonies remains controversial. Bayer’s bee expert Dick Rogers comments on the US Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) preliminary results.

Bumble Bee genome decoded

Eye-opener study compares pollinator DNAs

An analysis comparing the genomes of honey bees and bumblebees helps to understand their susceptibility to pathogens and other health threats.

Useful Midgets

Scientists have discovered a new bacterium which improves the survival rate of bee larvae.

Researchers of the Agricultural Research Service have discovered a new kind of bacterium. So far it is the only known species that exclusively supports honey bee larvae – and improves their chance of survival.

A whole industry is shocked

Honeybee crises threatens South Africa’s agriculture

Almost half of the bees in Western Cape were killed by the American foulbrood disease this year, reports the South African online newspaper “Mail & Guardian.

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