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Bee health – a complex issue

No general answer for regional honey bee losses

Bee health attracts more attention than ever before – but the threat to the useful insects cannot be reduced to one source. Many things have an impact on the general state of honey bee populations

Bees fly over the Expo

Universal Exhibition in Milan shows the fascinating World of Bees

Bees will be presented from various perspectives at the Expo Milan 2015: Exhibitors from the UK, Germany, Austria, Italy and Switzerland took portraits of the important pollinators – from compound eye to honey bee health.

What’s ailing honey bees

Bees can suffer from all kinds of diseases

The bee health issue is back in the spotlight due to high winter losses in some countries. How can apiarists keep their honey bees healthy?

Feed a Bee

Bayer initiative increases diverse honey bee food sources

Bayer’s initiative “Feed a Bee” aims to plant 50 million flowers in 2015. The goal is to increase diverse food sources for pollinators, helping to improve the beneficial insects’ health.

Royal gut bacteria in splendid isolation

US research team has published first comprehensive analysis of queen bee gut community

New research finds that queen bee gut bacteria are distinct from worker bees. This is good news for commercial beekeepers who replace their queens from outside genetic sources.

Can bees do maths?

A new outlook on bee intelligence

Have bees got feelings? Can they count? Or dream? Or think logically? Bee researcher Randolf Menzel has been studying the bee brain for five decades and has come up with some surprising insights.

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