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Mite be helpful; mite not!

Varroa research sheds light onto evolution of parasitism

A protein found in Varroa mites offers insight into the evolution of host-parasite-interactions.

Wild Pollinators worth billions

Only two percent of the wild species accounted for 80 percent of the pollination services.

A diversity study covering five continents confirms that wild crop-pollinators can easily be enhanced by simple conservation measures.

Entry Barred for Killer Bees

Scientists develop genetic test to help honey bee industry in Australia.

Researchers from Australia and Canada have been working together to find a solution to an interesting problem

Bumble bees in Alaska

Stewards of the sub-arctic ecosystem

Bumble bees are important pollinators for Alaskan berries, nuts and seeds, but a new study finds that they are affected by the Nosema parasite.

Wild bees on farms

The more the merrier

When it comes to wild bees as pollinators, numbers count, rather than diversity.

More flowers needed!

Hungry Bees lose social harmony

“Food first, then Ethics”, this famous dictum of the German 20th century playwright Bert Brecht seems to apply to bees too – suggests a recent study.

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