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As simple as eating!

How bees vaccinate their babies

Solving the mystery of how bees immunize their offspring against certain diseases, researchers have opened up new perspectives for saving pollinators.

Heroin or cocaine?

Ask your sniffer-bee!

Honey bees are better and more efficient at detecting illegal drugs than sniffer-dogs, says a group of German scientists.

Underestimated Danger

The gut bacteria Nosema affects worker bee activity

Australian researchers discover that the gut bacteria Nosema affects the activity of worker bees and weakens the colony.

Gut parasite threatens bees down under

New Zealand researchers discover a new parasite that weakens honey bees

Pathogens threaten the health of New Zealand’s bees and could be the reason for increased bee mortality in some regions.

Mite be helpful; mite not!

Varroa research sheds light onto evolution of parasitism

A protein found in Varroa mites offers insight into the evolution of host-parasite-interactions.

Wild Pollinators worth billions

Only two percent of the wild species accounted for 80 percent of the pollination services.

A diversity study covering five continents confirms that wild crop-pollinators can easily be enhanced by simple conservation measures.

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