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Natural Varroa resistance

Do African bees hold a solution?

Have African bees adapted to some of the pests and diseases that kill their Northern relatives? Research is underway to find the answers.

Bee Researcher for a Day

Student Laboratory Baylab

Successful launch of a new primary schools project: Why are bees so important for us and for the environment? How do bees pollinate flowers?

Consequences of a warm winter

Winter losses of honey bee colonies in 2014 differ significantly between countries.

The results of the international COLOSS study reveal the overwintering of honey bee colonies in the winter of 2014/15.

As simple as eating!

How bees vaccinate their babies

Solving the mystery of how bees immunize their offspring against certain diseases, researchers have opened up new perspectives for saving pollinators.

Heroin or cocaine?

Ask your sniffer-bee!

Honey bees are better and more efficient at detecting illegal drugs than sniffer-dogs, says a group of German scientists.

Underestimated Danger

The gut bacteria Nosema affects worker bee activity

Australian researchers discover that the gut bacteria Nosema affects the activity of worker bees and weakens the colony.

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