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The flight of the “killer bee”

Africanized Honey Bee Advancing North in California

The dominance of African over European bee DNA is bad news for Californians, but it may be good news for pollinator health.

Pollen or nectar today?

Ask the wind!

Flight performance of bumblebees depends on their cargo, says a new Harvard study. They recommend pollen for windy days and nectar when it’s calm.

Climate Change Impact

Shrinking Habitats for Bumblebees

Other insects have gone north to cooler pastures, but bumble bees are stuck. Time to buzz the alarm for a declining species.

Nature’s evolutionary success

Mite-fighter bees use anti-Varroa gene

A population of wild bees in the USA is as strong as ever, despite Varroa mite invasion in the 1990s. They developed anti-Varroa genes.

Beekeepers and Farmers Awarded

The European Parliament awarded the agricultural association in France for its strong commitment to good agricultural practices vis-à-vis pollinators.

The National Federation of Agricultural Holders' Unions FNSEA was awarded by the European Parliament for its commitment to good agricultural practices vis-à-vis pollinators..

Fit for Winter

Beekeeper Peter Trodtfeld prepares his bee colonies for the cold season

Bee Colonies need to be healthy and strong to withstand the winter successfully. Beekeeper and Bee expert Peter Trodtfeld considers some important aspects.

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