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How Honey Bees Develop their Temperament

Social behavior develops while still at the larval stage

Honey bees adapt to the social structure within a hive, quickly learning to adopt the right behavior to fit in as though they had always been there.

Beekeepers of the New Stone Age

Early farmers used honey and beeswax 9,000 years ago

Beekeeping origins have been a mystery. Now scientists are delivering: The relationship between humans and honey bees is far older than suggested.

The mystery of the shrinking bee tongues

Can climate change make a difference?

If alpine flowers suffer from warmer summers, why does that make bumblebee tongues shrink? Here is the story.

Nature Outlook: Bees – freely available download ends soon

Bayer Promotes Open Dialog on Bee Health

At Bayer we understand very well how much pollination matters – not just for the supply of high-quality and affordable food across our planet.

Preventive Medicine for Bees

Young scientists strengthen honey bees with good bacteria

Probiotic aid: Good bacteria may help honey bees to break down neonicotinoids such as imidacloprid even faster.

How Queen Bees are made

Ending the Royal Jelly Myth

Is royal jelly the wonderfood that turns a plain bee into a queen? No it isn’t. NOT eating proletarian food does the trick.

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