The new issue of BEENOW magazine is available

The focus is on South America’s pollinators

Feb 24, 2016
The new issue of BEENOW magazine is available

The new issue of BEENOW magazine is available

The second edition of BEENOW magazine features exciting new articles and the latest research being carried out by Bayer in collaboration with partners around the world on agriculture and pollination topics. This issue focuses mainly on South America. We review the most recent results of Bayer-supported bee health monitoring work in Chile, together with the Fraunhofer Chile Research Foundation in our story, “Working Towards a Better Harvest.” In Brazil, home to around 3,000 different species of bees, our “Spotlight on Pollinators” looks at which pollinators are needed for melon plants and cashew trees, in order to produce more and higher-quality fruit. In “Bees, Beans and Blossoms,” you will discover how Columbian scientists are surveying bean fields, to identify which species of bees pollinate these plants.

The second issue of BEENOW also features research from North America and across Europe and Asia Pacific: Whether it’s investigating the metabolism of honey bees in order to protect them from insecticides; demonstrating how new farming technologies ensure treated corn seeds are being sown to optimize planting while still protecting the environment; or how use of computer-controlled, virtual hives help us better understand how different factors impact the dynamics of the honey bee colony.


All of these scenarios are particularly relevant to us as a company, because sustainable agriculture and pollinators are inherently linked. In view of the growing world population, farmers and beekeepers must work hand-in-hand to help meet the growing demand for high-quality, affordable food.

You can download the new issue of BEENOW or read the article on bee health monitoring at the Fraunhofer Chile Research Foundation online.

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