Let’s meet at Open Farm Sunday!

Bayer CropScience participates at College Farm, Duxford, on June 8

May 28, 2014
Let’s meet at Open Farm Sunday!

Let’s meet at Open Farm Sunday!

For the third year running, Bayer CropScience takes part in Open Farm Sunday, the farming industry's annual day organized by LEAF (Linking Environment and Farming), a leading organization promoting sustainable food and farming.

Andy Blant, Bayer CropScience Farm Manager, explains the reason for the Bayer involvement: “We believe that Open Farm Sunday is a great opportunity to engage with the public. It gives us a chance to tell people about the role of farmers in feeding the world and in keeping our landscape a pleasant place for humans – and for beneficial insects.” Open Farm Sunday involves hundreds of farmers across the UK who open up their farms for one Sunday a year. It is a wonderful chance for city dwellers to get in touch with the land that feeds them. Each event is unique with its own activities based around the farm’s individual story. Bayer CropScience participates at College Farm, Duxford, hosted by Russell Smith Farms.

Be(e) involved  

A key element of Open Farm Sunday will also be the 2014 Pollinator Survey. Visitors to participating farms will be asked to count the number and type of insects they see in different habitats. The results will be evaluated by professional scientific partner organizations, but the key to the survey’s success is the widespread participation of the public. The goal of the study is to help build a greater understanding of the role insects play in pollinating crops.  

For more information about Open Farm Sunday

To find out more about the pollinator survey: Click here

For all those who are interested in agriculture and bees, check out the latest LEAF brochure on pollinators.  

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