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Bayer and Project Apis m. spearhead urgent US bee research

Mar 15, 2016
Healthy bees are the main objective of the joint research initiative “Healthy Hives 2020.”

Healthy bees are the main objective of the joint research initiative “Healthy Hives 2020.”

Bayer and the non-profit organization Project Apis m. are partnering to sponsor research that will improve the health of US honey bee colonies over the next five years. Bayer’s “Healthy Hives 2020” is a million dollar research initiative that joins together diverse bee experts. Project Apis m., the leading non-profit organization dedicated to bee and pollination research, will oversee the administration of these Bayer-funded research grants.

“While the overall number of honey bee colonies continues to increase, they are still being impacted by a wide range of health-related issues,” said Christi Heintz, executive director of Project Apis m., in Paso Robles, California. “In issuing a request for proposals, our goal is to identify scientists and promising research initiatives that can help solve some of the most critical concerns facing beekeepers today.”

The research projects focuses on four major objectives:

  • Conducting an economic assessment commercial beekeeping operations to help beekeepers maximize efficiency and production;
  • Creating a set of “Best Management Practices” for commercial beekeeping based on definitive colony health performance data;
  • Evaluating the use of “smart hive” technology to monitor honey bee colony health during commercial migratory operations;
  • Assessing honey bee genetics for traits that are relevant to colony resistance to pests and diseases, as well as pollination efficiency and honey production in the United States.

Logo Healthy Hives 2020Bayer’s Healthy Hives 2020 initiative was launched in 2015 and has been embraced by leading US bee experts, as it is “a collaborative effort of some of the country’s leading bee health stakeholders including beekeepers, academic researchers, governmental officials and industry representatives,” said Dr Steve Sheppard, professor of entomology and department chair at Washington State University – Pullman, who chairs the Healthy Hives 2020 steering committee.
All research proposals should address one or more of the key focus areas so that the campaign will lead to tangible solutions to improve honey bee health in the US by the end of the five-year research period.

Find out more in our official press release or learn more about Project Apis m.

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