Grower - beekeeper partnerships in South Tyrol, Italy

Bayer showcases win-win solutions in high-quality apple production at Interpoma

South Tyrol is the cradle of apple cultivation in the European Union and every two years, its capital, Bolzano, is host to the international apple-producing community at Interpoma. Under the theme “The Apple in the World”, experts from all over the world have come together to discuss apple cultivation, storage and marketing, focusing on challenges, changes and global trends.

Pollination important for high quality apple production

This year, Bayer’s Interpoma team is presenting an interactive “Bigger Picture” which also features on the Bee Care website. In the virtual world, visitors can meet some of the key players who are involved in apple production.

The interactive tool uses photographs and videos shot exclusively in South Tyrolean apple orchards to explain how growers and beekeepers are working together to ensure they both benefit from the apple cultivation in the area.

To learn more about the close partnership of fruit farmers & beekeepers, check the “Bigger Picture”.

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