Flower Power

New scientific study shows that blooming strips can increase pollinator diversity

Mar 18, 2014
Flower Power

Flower Power

The 2013 results of the “Pollinator Diversity Project in Southwestern Germany” are out and provide scientific evidence of the power of flower strips. The test plots, ecologically enhanced with an abundant supply of wild flowers, show a steep increase in both the range of different species and the number of individual pollinators.

The study was launched in 2010 to optimize practical measures designed to foster pollinator diversity. It is a cooperative project of Bayer CropScience, the “Institute of Landscape Ecology and Nature Protection” in Bühl, and the “Institute for Agricultural Ecology and Biodiversity” in Mannheim.  

“The 2013 study results are very encouraging and support our decision to continue the project,” says Dr. Christian Maus, Bayer Global Pollinator Safety Manager. “The project will help us gain a scientifically sound data package on what needs to be done to help pollinators thrive.”

Read the study here.

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