Feed a Bee Debuts New Anthem and Initiatives for 2016

Program encourages everyone to tweet a 🐝 emoji and #FeedABee

Apr 15, 2016
We can all help to Feed a Bee

We can all help to Feed a Bee

As another spring blossoms throughout the country, bees are buzzing a different tune with the debut of a new song and video encouraging everyone to “Feed a Bee” to help honey bees and other pollinators.

This year, Feed a Bee kicks off the spring with the launch of a new song and video featuring Beatrice Blume and her animated friends as they spread wildflowers to help pollinators and to beautify the world around them. Thousands of people are already humming the catchy refrain and joining the swarm of conversation online about how we can all help plant more forage to help pollinators. As even more people watch Beatrice spread seeds in her virtual world, Bayer will plant additional wildflowers in the real world, working with its network of Feed a Bee partners and consumers.

Crop Science, a Division of Bayer, first launched Feed a Bee last year to address the lack of food and habitat for bees. Working with more than 250,000 people and 75 partners in the USA, Feed a Bee planted 65 million flowers and thousands of acres of forage across the USA in 2015.

To watch the new video and help “Feed a Bee”, visit our webpage.

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