CropLife Australia launches new stewardship initiative

Guidance for handling treated seed

Aug 27, 2014
CropLife Australia launches new stewardship initiative

CropLife Australia launches new stewardship initiative

Australian farmers and seed treatment manufacturers now have access to the most state-of-the-art information on handling and planting treated seed, says CropLife Australia, an organization representing the country’s plant science industry. In a recent press release, the organization announced the launch of a Seed Treatment Stewardship Strategy as part of its new Pollinator Protection Initiative.

Mathey Cossey, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of CropLife Australia explains the rationale of the initiative: “CropLife recognizes that it’s essential to provide the latest stewardship information and techniques to farmers and other crop protection product users, so their business operations keep up-to-date with the world’s best practice.”  
“The measures of the Seed Treatment Stewardship Strategy”, adds Cossey, “were developed by Australian industry experts, drawing on the latest international and domestic information available.”

They help stakeholders to reduce potential risks from the dust that is generated during the handling and planting of seed and provide guidance on industry best practices to minimize unintended spread of crop protection products.

The Seed Treatment Stewardship Strategy is available to download here.

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