Bee Researcher for a Day

Student Laboratory Baylab

Sep 01, 2015
Bee Researcher for a Day

Bee Researcher for a Day

Successful launch of a new primary schools project:
Why are bees so important for us and for the environment? How do bees pollinate flowers? How many flowers do they have to visit to make one jar of honey? Bayer invites primary school classes to find the right answers through exciting experiments at the student laboratory “Baylab”. Up to 30 classes per year will have the opportunity to get to know the bees and their importance for the environment. Wearing lab coat and eye protection, the young scientists can discover what type of sugar honey contains or at which temperature honey is particularly healthy. With special eyeglasses, they will be able to understand how bees view their environment with compound eyes. Furthermore, they can observe the greatest enemy of the bees, the Varroa mite, under the microscope.
For more information about the primary schools project “Bees and honey” please click here.

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