BBC Horizon Documentary: “What’s Killing Our Bees”

What has caused the demise in British bee colonies -“It is still too early to jump on an easy conclusion”. That is what the latest BBC Horizon special documentary suggests; looking from different angles at the complex issues affecting honey bees.

You will not be surprised to read that I do not necessarily agree with all of the comments on pesticides,  I would encourage you to watch the documentary, it looks at the variety of factors that can impact bees in Great Britain e.g. the Varroa mite, climate change, forage habitat loss or modern agriculture. The film highlights the role of bees but also the importance of crop protection products in providing food for the table. BBC journalist and beekeeper (!) Bill Turnbull also shows some good examples of how planting flowering strips not only provides forage for bees but can also, in some cases,  increase the pollination potential of crops. Dr. Julian Little, Bayer Bee Care spokesperson

To watch the full documentary click here:

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