Bayer Promotes Bee Health with Second Bee Care Tour across USA

Feb 06, 2014
Tour bus

Tour bus

Following the success of last year’s Tour, Bayer is hosting its second Bee Care Tour to support further understanding of the important role honey bees play in our food supply.

The Tour is traveling to university agriculture schools across the United States of America to inform participants on the connection between  pollinators, seed treatment technology and  sustainable agriculture.

“Bee Health is a concern of everyone, but especially among those who understand how much  sustainable agriculture depends on honey bees and other pollinators,” says Dick Rogers, manager of the Bayer Bee Care Center which is scheduled to open this spring in North Carolina.

”Honey bee colony health is impacted by a great variety of factors including disease, mites and habitat. The Bayer Bee Care Tour helps to foster collaboration with stakeholders to improve honey bee colony health and help ensure the availability of pollination services.”

Feel free to share the buzz and have a look at the official Bee Care Tour page for more information.

Video of last year's Bee Care Tour

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