Bayer Bee Care participates in 14th NAPPC Conference

Annual meeting was hosted by the US Department of Agriculture

Nov 06, 2014
Bayer Bee Care participates in 14th NAPPC Conference

Bayer Bee Care participates in 14th NAPPC Conference

This year, over 100 personally invited professionals gathered in Washington in late October for the 2-day North American Pollinator Protection Campaign (NAPPC) conference. Their common goal was to promote awareness of the vital role of pollinators in both agricultural and natural landscapes, and continue to develop and implement a continent-wide action plan to protect pollinating animals.

They came from a wide range of diverse backgrounds, covering the scientific, non-profit, government and business worlds, strategically addressing the pollinator issue from all fronts.

The conference began with a presentation session, offering updates on bee keeping best practice, pollinator research, the Presidential Memorandum on a Coordinated, Sustainable Future for Pollinator Health, and included a briefing from Dave Fischer with an update on the North American Bee Care Center. Describing the rationale behind the Center, he said:

“Bayer has every interest in the world to make sure bees are healthy. Without them, our customers, the farmers, would be out of business. That is why we established this Bee Care Center and that is why we have been working for almost 30 years to help keep honey bees healthy.”  

Following the presentations, participants worked in cross-discipline task forces to address specific tasks in a wide variety of projects. The Bayer Bee Care team participated in the task forces on Pesticide Education and Bee Friendly Farming.  The Bee Friendly Farming task force focused on farmers who are incorporating Integrated Pest Management methods and pollinator-friendly vegetation on their farm land. Farmers can register their farm as Bee Friendly with signage and an online map to show other Bee Friendly Farms across North America. Currently over 200 members are registered.

About NAPPC:
The North American Pollinator Protection Campaign (NAPPC) is a collaborative group of over 130 organizations and individuals that promote and implement a continent-wide Action Plan to encourage activities to protect the numbers and health of all pollinating animals.

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