Bayer at US beekeeper meeting

On November 9, the State Fairgrounds in Springfield Illinois were buzzing with activity: 150 beekeepers aged 18 to 80 had come to attend the fall meeting of the Illinois State Beekeepers' Association. One of the presenters was Dick Rogers, Manager of the North American Bayer Bee Care Center.

In his lecture, he focused on how to reconcile apiary and agricultural interests, achieving the best of both worlds: healthy bees AND healthy crops. He called on all stakeholders to communicate openly and honestly towards this goal and to work together in a spirit of partnership.

The Illinois meeting is the most recent in a series of bee events Bayer has been attending lately, says Dick Rogers:  “We go to lots of state meetings, because we want to present the correct information to the frontline – where the concerns are.”

Questions from the Illinois audience included new ways to manage Varroa, the safe use of plant protection products, and the EU decision to restrict neonicotinoids for some uses in Europe.   

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