A perfect partnership!

Working together for mutual benefit

Jul 24, 2014
A perfect partnership!

A perfect partnership!

Looking at nature, there are many examples of great partnerships where plants and insects work together. Building on this relationship, the link between canola growers and beekeepers in Canada is strong and growing with 80% of Canadian honey coming from canola. The people involved understand that canola is good for bees, and bees are good for canola and together, they are good for the health of the local ecosystem and economy. Canola, which stands for "Can(ada)+o(il)+l(ow)+a(cid)” is a cultivar of oilseed rape developed by traditional plant breeding and grown for its beneficial oil properties, widely used in the food industry as it has the least saturated fat of all culinary oils.

Our InVigor hybrid canola seeds production is an important part of our business in Canada where canola grows well. As such, Bayer is the largest single consumer of bee pollination services in the country, as this is the only way to pollinate the plants which produce our hybrid canola seed each year.

Among other things, all commercial canola seed is coated with a neonicotinoid insecticide to protect the new seedling against destructive flea beetles and avoids the use of a post emergent insecticide in the early stages of its growth.  Of course, we would not do this if we believed there was any risk to the foraging honey bees that will visit the flowers to collect nectar and pollen, as it makes no business sense for us to harm the very pollinators which we depend upon for the pollination process which is vital for production of our hybrid canola seed.

Find further information and related videos on the website of the Canola Council of Canada.

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