EU ban on certain pesticides jeopardizes yields

Bee action could cost farmers some 2 billion Euros

Nov 11, 2014
EU ban on certain pesticides jeopardizes yields

EU ban on certain pesticides jeopardizes yields

Researchers at the James Hutton Institute, an international research center based in Aberdeen, Scotland, have now warned that the ban on certain crop protection agents pushed for by the European Union could cause yields to collapse by up to 50 percent and reduce income from agriculture by as much as 2.16 billion euros.

The news was spread by several British media, including the BBC and The Times newspaper, as well as by agricultural and scientific publications. "It's a good sign that scientific findings providing evidence to the devastating consequences of a EU ban on up to 40 substances appear in the press," commented Julian Little from our UK CropScience team.

Constructive debate started

"It's the only way to rectify the perception of many people throughout the food supply chain. We hope that this report will be able to reinforce resistance against the EU's plans and are happy that a constructive debate has already been triggered as a result." The report had been commissioned by the National Farmers' Union, the Crop Protection Association and the Agricultural Industries Confederation of Great Britain. The scientists at the renowned James Hutton Institute have now corroborated its outcomes.

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