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Youngsters tackling factors which may lead to overwintering colony los...

Bayer Young Beekeeper Award 2018 winners

Many factors affect honey bee health and can impact overwintering colony losses. Learn what young US beekeepers are doing to improve the situation.

Do Stingless Bees make good pollinators in Mexico?

Bayer is collaborating on bee studies to find out.

Ensuring good pollination services for local growers means using the best pollinators and keeping them healthy. Are native stingless bees the answer?

Learning Our ABC’s About Pollinators

Protecting Pollinators and Optimizing Farmer Productivity

Bees and other pollinators play a vital role in food production. But how to balance the need to protect food with our desire to protect pollinators?

Bee Education Center opens at Bayer Forward Farm in Belgium

Farmers love bees

Bayer organized the ‘Farmers love bees’ event on 28th May at its Forward Farm in Belgium, showing why agriculture and bees need each other.

Brazilian bee projects make their debut

Bee Care collaboration projects presented at ICPPR, Berlin

The 11th International Symposium on Pollination in April provided the opportunity to present three bee studies with Brazilian researchers.

Letting nature take its course.

Varroa resistance project presented at 65th Annual Meeting of the Working Group of the Institutes for Bee Research e.V.

The project looks at a new way of protecting Western Honey Bee colonies from the impact of the Varroa mite – a major threat to honey bee health.

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