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Scientific exchange at the ICPPR conference in Bern

Through collaborations and participation, Bayer scientists are helping to turn today’s impossibilities into tomorrow’s breakthroughs at the ICPPR Bee Protection Group meeting in Bern, Switzerland.

Protecting Pollinators in Partnership

NAPPC conference highlights pollinator-related initiatives

The NAPPC 2019 conference brought diverse partners, including Bayer, together to discuss and collaborate in major programs to protect pollinators.

Dropleg-Technology is helping to further reduce exposure to adjacent a...

Dropleg gets 90% drift reduction official classification

A drift reduction classification has been granted to Bayer-supported DroplegUL technology, reducing pollinator pesticide exposure – read on!

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Varroa Gate - A new solution for healthy...

The Western honey bee’s biggest enemy is called Varroa destructor. The mite is a huge threat to the health of the honey bees as it transmits dangerous diseases. In this video we show how Bayer aims to support beekeepers to protect their honey bees.

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