Flower Power at Sao Paulo’s Catavento Museum

Bayer supports a Pollinator Garden

Sep 28, 2017
The bee hotel, where bees can find a safe place to build nests and reproduce.

This week, to celebrate the start of the spring season, Catavento Museum – the Museum of Science and Technology in Sao Paulo - opened a pollinator garden with the support of Bayer. More than 10,000 seedlings of a diverse range of plants, trees and flowers such as hibiscus, acerola tree, lavender, azaleas, and salvias were planted within the 100 m2 to attract pollinators; a worthwhile experience for pollinators and visitors of the museum alike. It also houses a bee hotel, built with bamboos and eucalyptus, where bees can find a safe place to build nests and reproduce.

The Pollinators Garden, located in the internal area of Catavento Museum, and built around the Butterfly House.

There are up to three thousand bee species in Brazil due to the country’s enormous diversity of climatic zones and landscapes. "As a life science company, we know that bees are not only important as pollinators for sustainable food production, but also for their role in maintaining ecosystems," says Claudia Quaglierini, Agricultural Policies and Relationship with Stakeholders Manager at Bayer. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to make the public aware of their role and show what can be done to ensure their health and safety. "Besides being instructive and fun, Catavento should be a place that gives pleasure to families and there is nothing better than a beautiful garden”, according to Sergio Silva de Freitas, President of the Administrative Council at Catavento Cultural and Educational’s Social Organization.

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