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30 percent of the bee colonies in Germany might not have survived the winter

High Winter Losses of Honey Bees

Apiarists estimate that one third of the German honey bee population may not survive the winter. The dramatic loss became apparent in autumn 2014, as the Varroa infestation was very high last year. » more

Bees and other pollinators help produce a variety of foods which add to a healthy diet

Bees need Food and a Home

Why do bees matter and what can we do to keep them healthy? A sketch video by the UK Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) provides some of the answers. » more

Study hives were positioned near neonicotinoid seed-treated corn, soybean or canola fields

A Hard Life for Bees

Bayer researchers, contract scientists and beekeepers studied beehives for two consecutive years during a large-scale field study. The results of the Canadian Sentinel Hive Study show: Viruses are ubiquitous – their impact on hive health and vigor merits greater attention. » more
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