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Bayer housing project a hit with residents!

Now that temperatures are warming up and the first flowers of springtime are opening their buds, it is high time for wild bees to move into a new home. Let them find it in your back garden! » more

Bayer CropScience Opens North American Bee Care Center

The North American Bee Care Center, part of the company’s $12 million investment in bee health in 2014, brings together some of the brightest minds in agriculture and apiology to develop comprehensive solutions for bee health. This includes entomologists and apiarists, graduate researchers and more, all of whom are inv... » more

Bees improve our strawberry fields

Bee-pollinated strawberries have a better shape, weight, firmness and shelf-life. In fact, a recent EU study shows that bees raise the market value of European strawberries by a staggering 1.05 billion Euros per year. It’s magic! » more
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