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Neonics and bees: a balanced debate

Stakeholders discuss latest results at SCI Conference

Is there any evidence that neonics are causing bee mortality under realistic field conditions? Experts met to discuss at an SCI Conference in London.

Changes in landscape structure neglected in UK wild bee study

Focusing on one potential impact factor is misleading

Recent UK-based study on the impact of neonicotinoids on wild bees neglects the importance of key factors for the occurrence of wild bees.

Bee experts gather for EurBee Congress in Romania

Catching up on current trends in bee research

From 7-9 September, bee scientists from over 50 countries met in Romania to discuss latest bee science during the 7th EurBee Congress of Apidology.

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the new BEENOW MagazineIssue No 2

BEENOW will keep you informed about new co-operations and keep you updated about results from currently-running projects. Additionally it will offer further information and online material to support you in your own communication activities.

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Reasons for bee decline: Varroa destructor

A continuous challenge for research and beekeeping. Results of a field study conducted by the Frankfurt University Bee Research Institute, Oberursel.

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