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New collaboration


The Wildlife Society Partners with Feed a Bee to Plant 25 Million Flowers
Partners celebrate National Pollinator Week by announcing large-scale planting to establish spring forage for pollinators

What do Bumble Bees in the US suffer from?


Study gives a new answer to an old question.
A fungal disease, caused by the pathogen Nosema bombi, is a key factor for poor health conditions of some bumble bees in the US.

European Week of Bees and Pollination


Pollinators’ health is influenced by multiple factors
The need for further research, collaboration and dialog, as well as education of consumers and governments were at the heart of the debate.

Varroa destructor

A continuous challenge for research and... Show video

Honey bee’s biggest enemy

The Western honey bee’s biggest enemy is... Show video

How bees recognize human faces

Professor Adrian Dyer: How bees recogniz... Show video

Keeping Honey Bees

Dick Rogers and Sarah Myers of the Bayer... Show video
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BE E NOW - Dialog and cooperation is key
We see the health of bees as a shared responsibility amongst multiple stakeholders and as something which must be collectively tackled.

As a result, through our Bee Care Program, we are partnering with research institutes and universities, beekeepers and industry partners around the world on some exciting research projects and partnerships where we can really make a difference to the health of bees and other pollinators.

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