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Bayer Bee Care Program

Bayer Bee Care Program

Bayer has in-depth expertise and experience in both animal health and crop protection. In fact, our business is based on an inherent interest in preserving bee health and promoting sustainable agriculture.

The Bayer Bee Care program is part of the company’s  commitment to bee health.Its aims are to:

  • further promote and develop solutions to improve bee health
  • actively promote the bee-responsible use of our products
  • share knowledge and expertise with stakeholders from the beekeeping and agricultural communities and with scientific and governmental institutions, NGOs, policy makers and regulators.

Bayer Bee Care ProgramAlthough the global number of managed bee colonies has increased by approximately 45 percent over the last half century, the decline in some countries in Europe and North America over recent years is a serious cause for concern.  A number of factors have contributed to this decline, including parasites, diseases, extreme climatic and environmental factors and also certain agricultural and apicultural practices.


Honey bees (and other pollinators) play an essential role in the pollination of a large number of flowering plants and food crops. Therefore, promoting bee health around the world is something everyone should support: from farmers and beekeepers, to politicians, veterinarians, green industry workers and hobby gardeners.

Read more about our Bee Care Program and learn more about our partnerships and projects.

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