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Bayer Bee Care Centers

Bayer Bee Care Centers

We want to stimulate interaction with stakeholders who share our commitment to bee health. That is why we have set up the Bayer Bee Care Center in Monheim, Germany. It  unites our extensive experience and knowledge under one roof and consolidates existing and future bee health projects from Bayer companies. The Bayer Bee Care Center serves as a scientific and communication platform, inviting discussions and joint projects with external partners. We at Bayer believe that broad cooperation is essential to develop sustainable solutions for honey bee health. By reaching out proactively to our stakeholders, we strive to increase transparency in our activities and to generate open discussions and partnerships. In this way, we are helping to make an important contribution towards promoting  bee health.

Bayer Bee Care CentersThe Bayer Bee Care Center has a dedicated full-time team of specialists, including three experienced beekeepers. It offers a modern meeting and workshop environment, bringing together beekeepers, farmers, research institutions, educational professionals and anyone who has an interest in the health and welfare of bees.


A second Bee Care Center was opened in North Carolina, USA, in April 2014, focusing on North America.

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Annette Schürmann
Head of Bayer Bee Care Center

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